About Family Vacation Home™

Welcome to FamilyVacationHome.com!

The website concept and development is a result of a family with the need, a family with a vacation home. The family of 82 members, from three generations, needed the ability to share information, to share reservations and to share news. While the family vacation home is located in Hawaii, the family has been dispersed from California to Texas. We have chosen this website to serve our needs. To echo a phrase coined by Microsoft Manager, Paul Maritz,"We are eating our own dog food."

This website has been developed to help families manage their vacation home. The hope is that this website will make is easier for everyone in the family to fully enjoy the home. Through the common access to information, calendar, contacts, forums, and news items, family vacation home ownership becomes less stressful. In addition, the multiple communication tools make the extended family bonds become stronger. Finally, the ability to share guest specific information makes sharing your home easier. We encourage you to use the website to not only share important facts about the home but also to share your experiences with each other.

As our family uses the website, we plan to continue to develop and improve the website. We encourage you to forward your needs and suggestions. Your needs will probably reflect the needs of many families owning and managing a family vacation home.

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