Features of Family Vacation Home™


Family Vacation Home™ is a feature rich program designed to assist families in the management of collective vacation property. Below is a list and explanation of the major features included in the program.

Reservation Calendar


The reservation calendar on Family Vacation Home™ is a simple calendar that allows family members to book the family vacation property without conflicting with each other. Also, the home administrator can set rules that dictate how members may book reservations. For example, the home administrator can specify a minimum amount of time that must elapse before a member may book a second reservation. The home administrator can also specify a requirement for the number of days a reservation must be booked in advance, and how much time must be allowed for cleaning after a reservation.

Page Editor

page editor

Family Vacation Home™ provides a robust system for webpage management. The administrator of the home can add, edit, and delete custom web pages from the home site. These pages are fully customizable and can be edited using an easy-to-use online text editor.

Contact Manager

contact manager

The contact manager lists all of the active members of the family vacation home and allows other members to download contact information for any other member to their computer or mobile phone. In addition, the home administrator can add important non-member contacts to the contact list (e.g. A/C repair man). These contacts are also available for quick download.

Q&A Forum

question manager

The Q&A forum is a private forum where family members can discuss issues related to the family vacation home. Home administrators and family members have the ability to add new questions to the forum and post answers to other questions. All questions and answers are archived for future use.

Family Home News Feed

news feed

The news feed is found on the home page of each Family Vacation Home™ site. News about the family home can be added, edited, and deleted from the home page by the home administrator.

Family Member Manager

member manager

Family Vacation Home provides a wide range of features related to managing the members of your home. Our member invitation system makes it easy to invite new members to participate. There are four tiers of access to a family home.

1. Home Administrator - The home administrator is the family member who initial registers the home. The home administrator has full control over every aspect of the home including the adding of additional members and the removal of members.

2. Sub Administrator - The sub administrator has all the rights of the home administrator. The only difference is the the home administrator can remove or demote a sub administrator.

3. Family Member - A family member can make reservations and participate in the Q&A forum. They cannont, however make changes to the settings of the home, add new pages, add news, or manage other members.

4. Guest - A guest can only look at the information on the home site. A guest is not able to make a reservation or participate in the Q&A Forum.


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